This week learn more about Jim, our resident comedian guide. 



What, if any is your favorite National Park? Why?
The size, vastness and contrasts of Death Valley just really flips my switch...followed closely by the sensual and seductive Canyonlands...but Zion’s East Canyon is a great place to disappear, as well. And then there’s...wait, I better move on.

Do you have a favorite hike, and if so, what is it? Why?

I’ll take any hike I can get. It’s short but I’m fond of Zion’s Canyon Overlook Trail just before sunrise. Came face to face with a bighorn sheep there once who then dove off the near-vertical cliff and into the canyon below. He was fine...saw him across the canyon on the way out.

What is your favorite tour to lead at Southwest Adventure Tours and why?

The backcountry 4WD tour of...oh, wait...we don’t do that one yet. I just keep dreaming of it...maybe next year. There’s so many places off the beaten path that I’d like to share...and, of course, a few I like to keep to myself.

What is your favorite part about being a tour guide?

Pretty much everything but the driving.

What’s the hardest part about being a tour guide?

See question #4.

Do you have any great memories to share from any of our tours?

Too many to count but I can’t elaborate on all of them for fear of losing my job. Oh alright, here’s a couple of safe ones…

Late night pizza and laughing until my head hurt.

Lady guest who sang (in Vietnamese) while we hiked Peekaboo Trail in Bryce.

Guests’ reactions to a tarantula on the wall of the ladies restroom at The Grotto in Zion. And so on...

What is your favorite topic to share on tours?

Not dinosaurs.

Do you have any other dream places that you wish to travel to?

I live in my dream need to leave.

Some of our guests have concerns about the amount of hiking. How do you put their mind at ease on the tours?

Distraction, bait and switch, bribes...whatever works.  No, actually, I just try to reassure folks that their body is usually quite willing and able to go and do just have to get your brain out of the way.

Using 3 words, describe your guiding style.

What, me worry?

Is there anything else you would want your guests to know about you before they travel with you?
I take my coffee black, thank you.