Hidden near Bryce Canyon National Park is a seldom visited slot canyon called Willis Creek.  Created from runoff and springs within Bryce Canyon over the course of thousands of years, this slot canyon is worth the visit.  Carved by constant water erosion with small stream flows and regular flash floods, these sandstone walls have been transformed into a work of art.


This is the type of trail that enables someone to choose their distance and difficulty when planning this hike.  If you hike the entire canyon to the confluence of Willis and Sheep creek you will hike 4 miles round trip.  Along the way you will pass through at least 8 different sections of slot canyons before you reach the junction of Willis and Sheep Creek.  There is an arch hidden on the left side of the canyon wall after walking through about 6 sections of narrows.  These narrow sections of the canyon walls range from 6 ft to over 100 ft tall with the width of the canyon averaging about 6 to 8 ft wide.  Don't think you have seen it all after the first two sections.  There is a few stretches where the canyon widens out and you think it is all done.  There is more if you just keep going.

One thing that makes this hike so great is it is for people of all capabilities and ages.  You don't have to hike the whole length to appreciate the beauty of the canyon and experience the forces of nature at work.  There is a small stream that flows year round in the canyon so please wear shoes that you can get a little muddy and wet. 


This is a hike we try and add onto our Mighty 5 Tour, Grand Circle Sampler, and any day tour we take into Bryce Canyon NP.  We hope you get the opportunity to explore this hike along with the many others in the area when you come tour with us!