At Southwest Adventure Tours, we have had an exciting year. Not only has our company grown and become a very busy business, we also had the privilege of working on an iconic magazine. Now, the magazine itself might not be everyone's cup of tea - but you cannot deny its legacy and reach. For over a year, we have been producing and consulting on one of the most (if not the most) read magazine in the entire world - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. 


We were approached in January of 2014 saying that the team was thinking of doing an All American issue and wanted some help planning itineraries and places to see and shoot at. We here at Southwest Adventure Tours are experts at planning itineraries - not necessarily photo shoots. So we did our best and it turned out they liked what they saw! Funny enough, planning shoots like this lends itself really well to FIT (Fully independent tours/travel), which is what we do really well! We were excited to get onboard for a wild ride! Then started the back and forth of over 2000 emails…

From figuring out where to stop and stay and how to plan an adventurous (and ambitious!) shoot in on Route 66 in less than 12 days to working with strict National Parks to get the best shots, or dealing with the major environmental issues (wind storms in Monument Valley to fog in Washington) we managed to make it work.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit not only highlights beautiful models, but beautiful locations all over the world. We are so thrilled that locations that we find absolutely amazing every day in our own country are highlighted in one of the most viewed magazines in the world. Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Yellowstone, the West Coast plus Route 66 and Arizona & New Mexico (plus more!) are all featured. We are happy to help have put these locations on display for everyone to see.

We had a blast exploring these areas with the fearless crew of SI Swimsuit, and we can’t wait for you to check out the magazine. It’s on newsstands now and you better check out the great new website

We also helped to produce some of the locations and video that will be seen in the new 5-part series of the Making of the issue on the Travel Channel, premiering February 15, 2015. Make sure to check it out!

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Shot by James Macari
Yellowstone National Park, Shot by James Macari
Bryce Canyon National Park, Shot by James Macari
Grand Tetons National Park, Shot by James Macari
Monument Valley, Shot by James Macari
Route 66, Shot by Ben Morris