I am from the East Coast, but I have loved the Southwest from afar for as long as I remember! I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, where I spent much of my childhood, moved to Marathon, Florida (the Keys) as a preteen, then onto New England for high school and college.


I went to college for Commercial Art and Graphic Design, and fell into the corporate life in Boston, Massachusetts. I lived and worked in Boston for 8 years, beginning my career in Telecommunications and Wireless Software. I moved back to North Carolina to enjoy a warmer way of life and changed careers a bit by getting into the Healthcare industry.

 I worked for a large electronic medical record software company climbing the corporate ladder in Raleigh, NC. Over time, however, I felt there was more to life… more to see and explore… more adventures to be had! I eventually left the corporate world for the freedom of consulting, which allowed more time to travel and pursue my other passions.

Despite the newfound freedom I was experiencing I was still looking for a creative outlet of self-expression. This feeling led me to pursue and receive my Hatha Yoga Teaching certification in 2011. I then began to teach immediately in Raleigh, NC and loved the connection to people and new means of sharing this passion with others.

 Between my traveling for consulting and my passion for sharing myself and my experiences with others I realized my desire to simplify further and bring the two sides of my life together.  So, I started to look for my next step in life.   This led me to take the chance to move to the Southwest and pursue a career that put me in nature and gave me the chance to continue to share my skills and passions with others through Southwest Adventure Tours as a Guide.

 Here’s what you can expect from me on a tour… fun, passion, exploration and pure love of the area! I will push your limits and be there to guide the wadunnay… I love to have fun and because of my light energy my clients have referred to me “as a ray of sunshine”.

 Around every corner there is a new wonder, a new experience or new challenge. Every day in the Southwest is different! The lighting is different, the clouds are different, the weather is different! You never see or experience the same day twice! And I love every moment of it! This area is a playground and a dream!