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What, if any is your favorite National Park? Why?

 Well, this all depends, if we are staying in Utah, it would be Arches, due to its unique features, and delicate nature.  If we move throughout the US, I would have to say Rocky Mountain National Park, as this was the first National Park I ever visited.

 Do you have a favorite hike, and if so, what is it? Why?

 Once again, we will do inside Utah, and the rest of the US. Inside Utah would be a toss up between Hidden Canyon, in Zion, or the Devils Garden Loop Trail in Arches, with the later probably taking the spot, due to the terrain, and lack of other park visitors. Outside the state of Utah, I would have to go with the Colorado section of the Continental Divide Trail.  This high altitude hike is a multi week trek from the Rocky Mountain National Park to the South end of the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado following the Divide the whole way.

 What is your favorite tour to lead at Southwest Adventure Tours and why?

 My favorite tour to lead with Southwest Adventure Tours would be the Mighty 5 tour.  This tour is a great way to see the wonderful parks that this state has to offer, as well as see some of the land between the parks with a little less driving over the six days this tour travels.

 What is your favorite part about being a tour guide?

 MY favorite part of being a tour guide with Southwest Adventure Tours would have to be seeing the excitement on the passengers face when we first roll up on a new park, and the new friendships that are made between the guests, and myself.

 What’s the hardest part about being a tour guide?

 Is there a hard part to being a tour guide? LOL!

 Do you have any great memories to share from any of our tours?

 Wow, so many great memories, its hard to name just one.  But I would have to say that one of my favorite memories is doing the Fiery Furnace section of Arches with 2 sisters from Canada whom weren't sure if they would make it.  But with a little blood, Sweat, and a few tears, we made it out, and they were so excited to have finished.

 What is your favorite topic to share on tours?
I guess my favorite topic on tours would have to be Flora, fauna, and geological process.  The process that took place to create this beautiful area was amazing, and long lasting, so that's millions of years, and a lot can happen in that amount of time.

 Do you have any other dream places that you wish to travel to?

 With so many great places to see in the US, why would I want to go anywhere else?  Well, I would love to spend some time in New Zealand, Tibet, Japan, Africa, well, the list keeps going on, but soon I hope to get to the great State of Alaska, as I would love to explore the State with the largest land area of National Parks.  That's 2/3 of National Park acreage is in Alaska!  

 Some of our guests have concerns about the amount of hiking. How do you put their mind at ease on the tours?

 Well, there is a good amount of hiking we like to do on the trips, but we always try to make it a good mix of hiking, and sightseeing for those who may not want to do as much.  Although the best parts of the parks are seen by foot!

 Using 3 words, describe your guiding style.

 Three words to describe my guiding style… hummm……Informative, fun, and easygoing!

 Is there anything else you would want your guests to know about you before they travel with you?

 I will make you feel safe, instill confidence, and push you to go beyond what you would do on your own.  I will show you places you wouldn't normally see on a self-guided trip, and treat you as a close friend from the time we meet, till well after you've left the van!