This week, learn more about our guide, Cyndi!


1. What, if any is your favorite National Park? Why? I love all the National Parks, each one for different reasons as they all have their own highlights and personalities.

2. Do you have a favorite hike, and if so, what is it? Why? I have a many favorite hikes, so its hard to just list a one.  I do love the Narrows hike in Zion, it is one of the most unique hikes you can experience. I also enjoy the Canyon Overlook hike in Zion, its short, fun and breathtaking. And Delicate Arch in Arches to name just a few.

3. What is your favorite tour to lead at Southwest Adventure Tours and why? All of them

4. What is your favorite part about being a tour guide? Meeting fun, interesting people and showing them these spectacular parks and being a part of their memories.

5. What’s the hardest part about being a tour guide? Not having enough daylight to show them everything I want them to see.

6. Do you have any great memories to share from any of our tours? I'm sure it sounds cliche', but each group I take out has great memories.  However, one that truly stands out to me: I had a gal on one of my trips that just overcame cancer, this was her first vacation since her illness. We were in Bryce Canyon and did the Navajo Loop trail which is a little strenuous for some people with its elevation gain. However she made it! At that time the Park was giving out pins that commemorated the accomplishment, so we went to get it and she was so proud, she wore that pin along with a beautiful smile everyday remaining in the trip.

7. What is your favorite topic to share on tours?
 Legends, I find it so interesting and entertaining to include some folklore legend or fun facts about the places we are seeing.

8. Do you have any other dream places that you wish to travel to? Umm, have you met me?!? lol. I'm an avid world-traveler and have been blessed to see a lot of the world, I dream and live for my next trip. My shortlist includes Thailand, India and Morocco.

9. Some of our guests have concerns about the amount of hiking. How do you put their mind at ease on the tours? Everyone coming on our tours has their own reason for their trip. Many of our guests want to photograph, be in nature or just enjoy the views. I do my best to accommodate everyone needs. Before the specific hikes I let everyone know what the plan is for the day. I explain the hike before we go, how far and what the terrain is and they can chose to go or not. If they are unsure, they can start with the group and stop and enjoy the scenery, or turn around and we meet them back at the van. If possible depending on the location and time constraints, I will also try to drop them off at a Visitor Center, Lodge etc.

10. Using 3 words, describe your guiding style
. Interactive, fun, adventurous

11. Is there anything else you would want your guests to know about you before they travel with you? I love to encourage our clients to participate and think about what they are seeing. I think it helps them remember their trip more and it tends to bring on very thought-provoking discussions within the group during our drives.