Robin hails from Northeastern Pennsylvania, but has since settled in Utah by way of 15 years living and working in Alaska. It was there she embraced her passion for hiking and backpacking, hiking every/any trail she could access during her time off from working as a marine biologist. In the summer of 2011 Robin relocated to Cedar City, UT where she right away began exploring her new home state, immersing herself in desert life.

Robin has spent countless miles driving and exploring throughout the U.S. but it is in the desert where she feels most at peace. The amazing scenery, wide open spaces, blue skies and sunshine most definitely define her life in Utah. Robin has a strong passion for the outdoors, local restaurants, and a deep appreciation for our Nation's National Parks. During her free time you will most likely find her out on road trips exploring trails old and new.
Want to be amazed by unwavering beauty? Come out and explore with Robin and let her share with you her constantly evolving knowledge of the geology, history and biology of the Southwest. From the very start she guarantees you'll have the same cheesy grin as she did on her first treks through these amazing National Parks! Robin promises that you’ll eat good food, make new friends, and enjoy every moment touring through this 'amazingness' she calls home.