Ean loves exploring the Southwest and sharing that love with those around him.

Born in Western Colorado and growing up in the foothills of the beautiful Colorado Rockies, Ean was experiencing Colorado before he could even walk, riding in his mother's baby-pack as she cross-country skied on the majestic Grand Mesa.  As a child his family moved to Eastern Arizona where he learned to drive on the rough roads of the Apache Indian reservation and went on weekly hikes and camping trips across the White Mountains of Arizona.  Summer vacations were filled with travel as his family would take a train east to a children's adventure camp where Ean honed his skills in the outdoors and started down a path of camping that he would continue into his adult life.

Ean has lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for over 18 years, long enough to be considered “a local” in this town constantly ebbing and flowing with university students, professors, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.  This quaint mountain town near the Grand Canyon seemed too small for the budding world traveler inside him, so he has found time to travel the globe.  After his growing and insightful years of world travel he returned to Flagstaff in Northern Arizona.  He cut his teeth in the guiding and travel industry while working as an interpretive guide on the historic Grand Canyon Railway. Flagstaff is now his home base for tour guiding to areas such as the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Utah, Native American lands around the Four Corners, Southwestern Colorado and beyond.  When he's not guiding, he's likely to be found volunteering with kids in central Mexico or exploring any random area of the States.