I grew up in the Colorado Mountains, spending most of my youth exploring the great outdoors. I also raised my own family in Colorado and the Southwest, where being outdoors, playing sports and mountain activities like skiing, hiking and mountain biking were the main focus of our lives. After obtaining a Travel & Tourism Degree, I knew I had found my calling. My vast expertise in the field includes; working for the Airlines, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

My Wanderlust has taken me many places including: Kenya and Tanzania, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, most of Europe and all corners of the United States. My passion for exploration not only includes visiting these locals, but really learning the varying cultures and unique experiences they can offer.

After leaving the industry for a while, I knew I had to come back to my passion, so I enrolled and graduated from the International Guide Academy as a Certified International Tour Director.  I have since come on board with Southwest Adventure Tours, guiding tours to the National Parks. Exploring all these wonderfully diverse areas, is a true pleasure which I love to share with our clients. My goal is to make your adventure memorable and have you leave with an even deeper appreciation of its National Parks, mountains, wilderness areas and rich history. Also, I can show you some of the area’s best eateries, a secondary passion of mine!